Berry Good Espresso Martini

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1 oz Quiver
1 Espresso Shot
Sprinkle of salt
0.75 oz Baileys Almande
0.75 oz Raspberry Liqueur

-Pull espresso shot and sprinkle salt into it while hot. Build ingredients in shaker and shake with ice vigorously for at least 15 seconds. Strain into martini glass without breaking up foam.

Garnish: Raspberry filled with espresso beans on a skewer. Lay over top of glass

This new twist on the classic will transport you to a relaxed brunch in the warm May weather. The sour raspberry dances with the creamy Baileys to create the flavor profile of a raspberry white chocolate treat. While the pinch of salt helps to neutralize some of the bitterness from espresso, the baileys pairs with it to build the bridge between sour and bitter. You’ll never do the Espresso Martini any other way!

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