What is Quiver?

Known in Lithuania as Krupnikas, it is a traditional Lithuanian Spiced Honey Spirit. QUIVER has a delicious and complex flavor, unlike any other spirit or liqueur. It is smooth enough to sip on its own, starting out with sweet honey flavors that build up to a warm spicy finish.

Legend has it that the recipe was created by Benedictine Monks at the Nesvyzius monastery which was founded in the 16th century in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It became popular among Lithuanian Nobility and today is a wildly favorite family concoction with a coveted secret family recipe.

Versatile and mixable, makes it the perfect spirit for a wide range of popular “retro” and exotic new cocktail concoctions.

Our Story

Grandma Genovaite

Lithuanian Moonshiners Union

On May 18th, 1963 a great alliance of Lithuanian-American “moonshining” families was made with the marriage of Vytenis Nenortas & Birute Setikas. The Nenortas/Matulaitis and Setikas/Sriubas grandparents in”stilled” in the family a proud tradition of making delectable concoctions using only natural ingredients, lovingly blended with a mysterious array of earthy spices and a touch of…

Can’t give it all away!!!



Historic Building

East Hartford CT’s historic Burnside Paper Mill will be the future home of research and development for Quiver Spirits and home of Moxi on the Rocks, CT’s first Libation Library tasting room. We’re also working to refit the mill’s original turbine to convert the building back to hydro powerr.

Tomas Nenortas

Founder & Chief Executive officer

Tomas, along with his brother Edmund, founded Quiver Spirits LLC in January 2016.
He took on the role of spending 3 years completing Quiver Spirits’ due diligence period. He met with Industry Professionals, Distillers, On and Off Premise sites, and recently attended Bar Convent, the largest non-public International Liquor Trade Show, in Berlin, Germany, where Quiver Spiced Honey Spirit was well received. Tomas has 20 years experience working with Local, State, and Federal agencies as well as managing Staff. He has been producing Quiver for the past 30 years and has perfected its manufacturing. Tomas will handle Day-to-Day operations, Product Development and Staff Management.


Edmund nenortas

founder & President

Edmund has established and run two successful companies in the Trade and Tobacco distribution sectors. His experience in formation, strategic planning, and management led to rapid growth in sales and profits. Before founding Quiver Spirits Edmund had 20 years experience as a top sales producer for one of the largest Medical Supply and Pharmeceutical companies in the U.S. With his sales background and business acumen he will lead the Sales Team and oversee strategic growth.


john kodis

quality control & Operations manager

John comes from the newspaper industry where he had over 25 years of management experience in the Advertising and Operations departments. He managed day to day operations of 2 departments in deadline-critical production areas of the largest newspaper in Connecticut. His departments were integral in successfully producing
a product that was high quality and on time. He served on task forces to research, develop, install and maintain numerous computer systems, including billing systems, order reservation systems and historical data storage and analysis systems. John will focus on quality control, product manufacturing and business operations.

ben wiles

Legal representative prospera law, llp

Ben represents venture capital and private equity investors and emerging growth companies in formation, debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, strategic joint ventures, technology arrangements and general corporate matters. His practice in the beverage alcohol industry has ranged from the representation of “start-up” artisanal liqueur manufacturers to the $20M sale of a flagship vodka label to a major wine and spirits conglomerate. Ben will represent Quiver Spirits LLC in all legal matters.

Quiver Cocktails

Mint Qulep

Mint Qulep

Celebrating #nationalmintjulepday with a crowd favorite, the Blackberry Qulep!! Cheers everyone! 1.5 oz Quiver1oz bourbon.5 oz simple syrup3 black berries6 mint leaves